What Kind of Lawyer Are you?

People often ask me: “What kind of law do you practice?”

Great question. I handle civil litigation. What does that mean? The best way to explain it is to give you a few examples of the cases I am currently handling.

-I represent a small business owner in a lawsuit involving the breach of a Distributor Agreement. The case is in Federal Court against a foreign corporation;

-I represent a Fortune 500 company in a fire claim.

-I represent several different commercial property owners in insurance claims for property damage due to wind and hail storms;

-I represent Texas homeowners in several counties against various school districts for the unlawful repeal of the homestead exemption;

-I represent several different women who developed ovarian cancer due to the long term use of talcum powder products.

-I represent several victims of defective IVC filters. These Inferior Vena Cava filters were used to prevent clots and pulmonary emboli.

I am currently also investigating, but have not yet filed, a wrongful death claim, several insurance bad faith claims, and multiple hail claims.

I handle most of my cases on a contingent fee basis but I will also handle the occasional hourly fee case.

If you have a case you would like to discuss, call me. If I can’t help you I can probably be able to steer you in the right direction.